Bluehost Hosting & Services Review

First conceived in 1996, Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosting services on the market; this in itself is quite telling, an achievement, maintaining a successful hosting business for close to two decades where the competition has risen and fallen left, right and centre.

This is imputed to blue host hosting and the excellent record of service it has crafted throughout its years of operation, bluehost web hosting dedicating time, money and effort into the acquisition and management of state of the art network systems, with powerful processor servers and backup units complimented by a reliable reserve power supply system, guaranteeing the best performance money can buy.

With a powerful OC-48 backbone connection ensuring dizzying bandwidth rates, many a bluehost review has been known to gush over what could be the most reliable network infrastructure further strengthened by the presence of knowledgeable staff to monitor the system around the clock, trained to react to the slightest signs of a failure.

Of course it would be difficult for blue host to sell its product on just robust infrastructure, the web host equally diligent in making available a host of superb features to contend with the various requirements of clients.

Bluehost Features – Initially restricted primarily to shared hosting, bluehost has diversified over the years in order to contend with the requirements of various businesses, offered plans and features including the following:

Shared plan – Blue host provides a single Platinum K shared plan; jam packed with a myriad of features to contend with the needs of individuals and small business that do not expect to deal with substantial traffic levels.

Despite its singular nature, most professionals have come to appreciate the idea of a single plan making available a wide variety of unlimited offering, these including domains, bandwidth and disk space, the lack of diverse options simplifying the process of choosing a hosting plan, all at a paltry $6.99 each month. This plan is available at a discounted price of just $2.95 per month with this coupon –

VPS plan – bluehost’s VPS packages constitutes four different plans which can be managed (where users assign the task of managing the server to the host) or unmanaged (where users have complete server control), and will include standard, Enhanced, Premium and Ultimate, ranging from $29.99 to $119.99 monthly charges.

Reseller plan – Blue host’s reseller package constitutes of three primary plans, namely: Sky blue ($19.95), Electric blue ($49.94), and True blue ($99.55). All reseller plans include a pretty comprehensive control panel endowing users with the ability to more effectively administer their accounts from a centralized location.

Dedicated plan – Bluehost’s standard, Enhanced and premium dedicated packages include a variety of features and services absent from other bluehost plans, these including enhanced caching, dedicated support, consistent updates, root access and so on.

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Uptime – Bluehost has more than proven its ability to back the coveted %99.9 uptime offering, only ever experiencing outages once every few months and usually due to maintenance.

Control Panel – The fantastico scripting support is one of bluehost’s cPanel 11’s most enticing features, designed to not only enable quick and easy installations, but equally useful in executing upgrades on a massive scale, across all facets of one’s account, these including blog packages, forums, picture galleries, and so much more.

Not that bluehost doesn’t respect the wishes of those users particularly interested in following in the footsteps of traditional methods, depending on simple scripts and languages such as PHP4, CGI and Ruby on rails, each of which, and more, is available through blue host’s oh so inspiring control panel.

Bluehost provides free domain for life with all its hosting packages. So you can either register a new domain name with them for free or continue to use any existing domain name that you may own. If you wish to use Godaddy to buy domain names for your website, here is the best domain name coupon that you can avail to ensure some cash savings.

And with guaranteed reliability and incredible performance, you most definitely know that what you are receiving is value for the miniscule amounts of money you have to part with, these favorable prices complimented by favorable bluehost discount policies, the occasional bluehost coupon proving just as effective in improving your bluehost experience.

The bottom line – this is what any competent Bluehost Hosting & Services Review is going to reveal to you; that bluehost is one of the most reliable hosting services on the market, perfect for that odd newbie as it would be for that skilled professional, guaranteeing customer satisfaction in any business structure. Read more about Blue host hosting here –