Hostmonster Hosting & Services Review

Speak of host monster and it’s likely that the issue of bluehost will arise; after all the pair is so much alike that most Wikipedia searches for host monster have been known to redirect the user to bluehost pages.

The reason for this isn’t difficult to understand as both bluehost and host monster hosting are part of the Endurance international group, which constitutes other web hosts such as JustHost, IPage, FatCow and even Hostgator. Get the best Justhost Review and Coupon offers on this webpage –

So for all intent and purpose hostmonster web hosting is actually a part of bluehost, the pair, when combined with a third hosting entity, controlling a considerable majority of the hosting market.

However it would be fair to say that the similarities between hostmonster and blue host transcend more than their shared owner, with the similarities between their features and operations known to blur the lines between them and not only because both companies operate out of Provo, Utah.

Not that host monster stands as a mere copy of bluehost, those behind its operations known to inject great effort into enabling hostmonster to maintain its own presence, especially on social media.

Though that raises the question of whether a unique media presence is enough to separate host monster from blue host. The fact is both host offer the same singular shared hosting service, a single package at $4.95 each month, making available unlimited bandwidth, disk space, domains and FTP transfers.

And like bluehost, hostmonster pricing is quite favorable, even taking into consideration its relatively recent introduction of dedicated and VPS hosting plans, making available a whole slew of advanced features with regards to performance, reliability and support. Hostmonster also offers managed wordpress hosting. Their wordpress hosting plans are quite cheaply priced, but are not as optimum for business websites as those of other web hosting providers who offer only wordpress hosting so are specialized in that platform. For example most business houses prefer to host their wordpress websites with WPEngine. Though a little expensive, the service is of top quality. Here is the best WP Engine Coupon for your use.

Many a Hostmonster Hosting & Services Review has been known to hone in on the web host’s CPU throttling practices. Like bluehost, host monster does execute the practice of CPU throttling where it will take steps to reduce the resources accessible to a given site that is seen to be using way too many resources on a shared server.

Now of course that raises questions about shared hosting plans that promise unlimited features contradicting themselves by initiating restrictions on resources the excess use of which results in CPU throttling.

But as most people would have presumed there is no such thing as truly unlimited features, each of which is restricted by physical limitations. In other words there is a logical limit beyond which available physical elements such as server storage space will become overwhelmed, unlimited package or not.

That being said, comparisons with bluehost aren’t necessarily a bad thing seeing as, along with favorable hostmonster discount policies and the occasional attractive hostmonster coupon, the web host is still in a good place to offer a variety of features, these including:

  • Free software such as site builders, even templates.
  • Unlimited domains, file transfers, email accounts, storage space.
  • Consistently and continuously available customer support, accessible via email, live chat and phone.
  • Hostmonster supports PHP, Ruby, Perl, MySQL, CGI.
  • SSL, SSH, Stats
  • Along with %99.99 uptime, reliable performance, money back guarantees, powerful network infrastructure designed to ensure efficiency, hostmonster indeed stands alongside bluehost as a giant amongst web hosts.

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